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Our activities in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

Security policy

Thought of your health and peace has always been our priority, so we make every effort to ensure that your stay is unique, but above all peaceful and safe.

By reason of the current epidemic threat, Rezydencja Luxury Hotel ****, as a facility, undertakes activities in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to minimize the potential spread of Covid-19, as well as provide comfort and the well-being of all hotel guests and staff.

At this point, we kindly ask you for your understanding and cooperation so that we all stay safe. Below we present the practices introduced in our facility.


We are located beyond the main cities, away from public places. Our territory has 16,000 m², and fort he most part is green. Restaurant and conference rooms have direct access to the garden terrace. Access to the garden is possible through several entrances, and the benches are located at large distances. The entire facility is surrounded by a fence or a natural barrier. We have a separate, closed exit and entrance for employees and guests (separate entrance gate with a security barrier and a bar). The facility is monitored 24/7

Hotel rooms

  • The hotel rooms are thoroughly disinfected according to GIS (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate) recommendations and are regularly ventilated.
  • In the rooms, we additionally disinfect bathroom fittings, bathtub, shower, toilet.
  • Air conditioning panels, remote controls, telephones, lighting buttons, pens and pencils, tabletops and tables, as well as cupboard handles are also specially disinfected.
  • We provide our guests with disinfectants in hotel rooms.
  • The employees of the housekeeping department are equipped with masks and disposable gloves. After cleaning the room, the cleaning person takes off the gloves, disinfects the hands and having the new gloves, places the clean things such as: towels, bathrobes, bed linen in the room.
  • The room is cleaned 24 hours after the guest has checked out and can be sold 48 hours after the guests have checked out.
Hotel rooms
Hotel rooms

Conference space

  • All conference rooms are ventilated regularly.
  • Hand disinfectants are placed in front of the conference rooms.
  • Conference equipment - such as: projector, laptop, switches, drivers, door handles - are disinfected.
  • Conference chairs are placed at safe distances, keeping the distance of 2 meters.
  • Each conference room has two entrances from the hotel side and from the garden.
Conference space
Conference space

Security gate

  • At the reception, during check-in, the temperature is measured (non-contact) by the receptionist. Employees are required to check guests in disposable gloves and a protective mask.
  • Every employee of the hotel has the temperature measured every 4 hours while performing their official duties. Only people who have passed the security check are allowed to be in the hotel.
Security gate
Security gate

Additional protection measures

We have introduced additional technological solutions aimed at ensuring the cleanliness and sterility of the surfaces in which our guests are staying.
The hotel is equipped with gravity ventilation, which is responsible for blowing out, and thus purifying the air that is in the rooms. Gravity ventilation prevents the blow of air into the rooms from other spaces. All filters are replaced in accordance with the recommendations of the sanitary-epidemiological station and the indication of the need for replacement.

Personal security

  • While entering the hotel, please disinfect your hands and put on a mask.
  • We encourage all guests and our employees to smile in greeting instead of shaking hands.
  • Please keep a safe distance in direct contacts.
  • The dryers in the hotel rooms were turned off in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry.
  • We prompt you to make non-cash payments. Guests themselves operate the payment terminals, which are disinfected after each use.
  • We prefer to contact the hotel reception by e-mail or telephone.

Useful information

We recommend  you to follow the information on the gov.pl website in order to avoid false and misleading reports.

If you experience disturbing symptoms (such as high fever, cough and shortness of breath), contact the NFZ [National health Fund] hotline 800 190 590, or use the search engine for an infectious hospital or GIS [sanitary inspectorate ] facility https://gis.gov.pl/mapa/

On our website you can view all available offers and make a reservation. All available packages are constantly updated.


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